Run Windows Applications on Android Tablet [Coming Feature]

It will be very useful if we can run Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point on an Android Tablet. Because these are the one of the top productivity suites everybody uses in their day to day office life. Some of you may definitely will turn on to use tablet other than carrying heavy laptops wherever you go. Wine for android is going to be a reality. Wine, as the report suggests, is going to bring the Windows app running capability to the Android Platform. Do you know what is Wine? Though you can read more bout it on the Wikipedia, for your information, I will tell you what it is. Wine allows apps designed for Windows to run on other platforms like Linux. That means, other than office suites, you can run popular accounting suite like Tally on an Android Tablet!

wine for android

The TNW reports that Wine will soon be coming to Android and there is already a demo show of the same by the developer, Alexandre Julliard, in Brussels, last Sunday.

If we could run our favorite Windows apps, like office suites, on the Android platform, it would be a great achievement. This will surely be going to make our android tablet more productive. People will surely going to rethink about buying a costly Windows 8 Laptop/Tablet if Wine can smoothly do its task.

Just like you, I am also looking forward for latest information in this regard. I will surely update you more about Wine news on TechPack. Stay tuned!

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