Stop Auto Pinning of Apps During Installation in Windows 8 [How to]

Have you begun to use Windows 8? If yes, then probably you may be noticed one feature of Windows 8. On Windows 8 you can see whenever you install a new software it automatically pinned to start screen. This cause your all installation may pinned to the start screen. You may not want all of your apps pinned, right? You can solve this Windows 8 ‘problem’ quickly with a free app.

Autopin controller app for windows 8

AutoPin Controller is a free app for this. This app disables the pinning feature of Windows 8 for the timebeing. You can restate pinning feature after you have completed installing your apps. That means run this app to disable the pinning feature of Windows 8 prior to installation of new software on Windows 8. After you finished installatioin of apps unlock pinning feature.

Other than the above this small Windows 8 tool has one more feature. You can quickly reset your Windows 8 startscreen to default state. That means with one click, it will remove all tiles/shortcuts and set your W8 start screen to first logon state.

If you want to download and try AutoPin Controller, just follow the below link.

Download AutoPin Controller

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