Remove Piracy Trojan Which Alerts False Police Piracy Message

Millions of people across the world are said to be affected by a new types of Trojan called Piracy Trojan. There is already a free removal tool to thwart this danger. Before that few words about this new menace.

Piracy Trojan, originally called Trojan.Ransom.IcePol, warns affected users with false police message accusing them of copyright infringement. Those who have seen the message may get panic because of the fear of the punishment they may get due to ‘Copy Rights violation’. Unlike Pornograpy scams, this new scam has more effect as it looks real. The reason, many people are downloading music, softwares, images etc. from internet. So people may get panic instantly seeing this message. They may think that they have accidently downloaded something violates copyright.

You can remove this Trojan using a free tool released by security software giant Bitdefender. Below is the download link.

Piracy Trojan Removal

Download Piracy Trojan Removal Tool – Bitdefender (15.9 MB)

The above tool is free for download. Let us see what Bitdefender says about this Trojan.

The Trojan intimidates users with localized messages coming from police offices in countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, Austria, Holland, and Romania. Cyber-criminals demand victims pay as much as $200 USD, sometimes converted into local currency. To add credibility to the fake FBI message, they even warn about payment scams through a fraud alert.

With its roots in Russia, ransomware is a class of malware used for extortion that blocks access to the computers it infects, asking for money to remove the restriction.

Via : Hotforsecurity

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