Kaspersky Security Scan aka KSS – A Second Opinion for Your PC Protection

There are good number of top class security software products available in the market. To name few, Kaspersky, Eset Nod, Bitdefender, Avira, Trend Micro etc. If you are running an updated OS, here Windows, and any of the latest security product you can say that your system is well protected. But those who are using an outdated version or free limited featured version of AV, should test their system for infection with any additional tool frequently. There are several online free virus scanners available for this purpose. I’ve a good list of best free online virus scanners Here. Some of the online free virus scanners are for detecting infection but some others are for detection and removal. They are OK for a second opinion when you need about the security check of your PC online. Here I’m sharing you a new free and complete security software that from a giant in this field. Kaspersky Security Scan or KSS is a full featured free downloadable AV from the company.

New Kaspersky Security Scan aka KSS

If you want to check your Windows PC for infection try Kaspersky Security Scan. It has all the features you may expect from a modern Kaspersky security product. The only thing is that it’s only for detecting threats. That’s why I said you can use this free advanced security software as a second opinion.

Kaspersky Security Scan aka KSS is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Try it today for a complete protection status of your PC.

Link : Download KSS

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