Opera 12 Beta Download and New Features

Hi Opera fans, If you are an Opera Next user, update your Browser. Opera 12 beta is out with some new features. If you are new to Opera try this sleek, fast and feature packed browser. Opera offers two separate installation. One is the stable Opera (final) and the other is the testing version called Next. Opera 12 Beta is a Next release. The advantage, if you are already using Opera stable (final) version the Next install will not affect it.

Opera desktop team has announced the news on their desktop team blog about the beta release. It’s true that I’m an admirer of Opera Desktop Browser. Even though it is not my primary browser, I keep it up to date and experimenting the features offered by Opera. Because they produce innovative features first. So let us take a look at what’s new in Opera 12 Beta.

New Opera 12 beta is out

New features in Opera 12 Beta makes your Opera more faster and smoother. Below are some of the highlighted features in Opera 12 Beta.

Smarter tab-loading sequence in Opera 12 Beta ensures quick start up of your Opera browser. The latest version also ensures faster page loading that even for secure web pages. This release ensures smooth and stable browsing with support to out-of-process plug-ins. And in OS compatibility front it supports 64-bit versions of Windows and Mac. Also don’t forget to check out for new sleek themes for Opera.

Link : Opera Latest Beta DownloadOpera Themes

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