How to Install and Use Apps on Google Drive Cloud Storage

We have already reported the news about the launch of Google Drive immediately after the launch of it. If you have not read it find it below.

Google Launched Google Drive – Download Links and Intro Video

Here I am detailing you how to install apps on Google Drive. Google Drive is going to be an ultimate cloud storage service by integrating more features to it. Google has already included Google Doc in Google Drive. Also you can access and share Google Drive Stored photos on Google Plus Social Networking site of Google.

Google Drive supports apps. I am not talking about the Google Drive apps for desktop which enable to access Google Drive from your desktop. You can install apps on Google Drive to do different tasks within Google Drive or on the web with the stored files on it. The only apps by default installed on Google Drive at present is the Google Docs. You can do different tasks with your newly installed apps on Google Drive.

Where from you get Google Drive apps? Apps for Google Drive are available in Chrome Web Store. There are few good apps now available there for free. Install the apps from the Chrome Web Store. After that no need for Chrome to use this apps. You can open Google Drive apps from within Google Drive and use it on any modern browser.

Link : Chrome Web Apps Supports Google Drive

Go to the above link and download and install the required apps by clicking on the install button on Chrome Web Store.

How to Use Apps on Google Drive

Tips to Install and use Google Drive Apps

To use apps on Google Drive, click on the red “Create” Button (see the screenshot above). You can see the installed apps by pointing your mouse to “More”.

Hope you get the point. Thanks for being with us. Share your thoughts below.


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