How to Change IE 10 Address Bar Search Engine from Bing to Google [Default Search Engine Change]

You agree it or not, Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) is the best browser available for Windows 8 at present. It is amazingly fast and stylish compared to its earlier versions. Of course you can install and use Firefox, Chrome or any other browser on Windows 8. But IE 10 is built specially for Windows 8. I am really surprised with the speed IE 10 offers. Either you may be using IE 10 Metro or IE 10 desktop variant on Windows 8, probably you may be noticed that Bing is set as the default search engine in it. As a result when you search from the IE 10 Address Bar the search result will be provided by Bing. If you want to change the IE 10 address bar search engine (search provider), i.e. the default search engine, from Bing to Google just follow the below tips.

Change Default Search Engine in IE 10

Steps to Change IE 10 Address Bar Search Engine.

  1. Go to Internet Explorer Gallery on IE 10 Desktop Browser (IE 10 Metro doesn’t support add-ons)
  2. Click the button labeled “Add to Internet Explorer”
  3. It will popup a small window titled “Add Search Provider”. Make a tick mark against “Make this my default search provider” and click “Add”

That’s all. It will change IE 10 address bar search (default search) engine from Bing to Google. Both IE 10 Metro and Desktop versions are correlated. So the above method will change the default search engine in both browser.

If you want to change the default search engine from Google to Bing later in IE 10, go to Tools->Manage Add-Ons->Search Providers. You can change it from there.

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