Google Launched Google Drive – Download Links and Intro Video

Google has just launched Google Drive and here is the download links and video.

Download Google Drive : Link (this link is for Google Drive Android app download, for other devices including PC and Mac head to the end of this story)

Update : Google Drive offers 5GB free storage. Google Drive app is available for Windows, Mac and Android. Google says that they will launch iOS version of this app soon. Google Drive is a cloud storage service from Google. It will be too premature to say anything about Google Drive right now as I’m just introduced to it. Just like other cloud storage you can upload everything you need on Google Drive safely and access it from anywhere hassle free. No matter which device you use.

Google Drive Download Link for PC, Mac and Android

To download Google drive for your PC first go to Google Drive and sign in with your Google Account. After successful sign-in you will be provided with Download link of the app to your computer. Download Google Drive for Windows, Mac and Android today. Share the news.


  1. says

    Once again Google plays like Google plus, they saying that Google Drive is not ready for still, And Belongs Some notification if their service launch,

    This means this product available for some people only at the beginning..


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