Get Instant Facebook, Twitter, Gmail Alerts on Tabs on Firefox

Here is an awesome Tab Badge (add-on) for Firefox that provides you instant alerts on tabs when something new is happening on that page. No matter how many tabs you have opened. It alerts you right on each tabs. For example after installing this add-on sign in to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail on separate tabs. It shows you alert counts on each tabs that get updates when something new happens on that pages.

Get Alerts on Tabs on Firefox

Every modern browser supports multiple tab browsing and Firefox has no exception. It gives you the freedom of opening many web pages on different tabs and keeps all of them opened. Unlike opening web pages on different Windows, tabs holds with in the single browser window and so it is easily manageable. Firefox just like other alternative browsers has added lots of tab management features to it. For example you can pin tabs (apps tabs), make tab groups etc. If you want to know more about Tab Management, here is an article written by me. I admit that I’m not a strong Firefox fan. I use Chrome regularly on Windows 7 and Firefox occasionally. But on Windows 8 I am using both IE 10 and Firefox. Do you know why? Unfortunately on Windows 8, in my case, Chrome often crashes but Firefox works smoothly. So I installed Firefox as an alternative to Chrome because I like add-on compatibility with browsers which is not supported by IE 10 Metro.

So I have just installed this Tab Badge on my Firefox and it is simply awesome. Try it today. I’m sure that you will get addict to it. It shows alerts that instantly get updated when something new is happening. It supports Firefox Pinned tabs too. A must have add-on Firefox in the making.

Link : Download Tab Badge for Firefox

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