Get 25 GB Free Cloud Storage from Microsoft SkyDrive [Limited Time Upgrade]

I had written a lengthy article last year detailing the use of Windows SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh. I request you to go through it first, if you are not familiar with Windows Live Mesh (sync service app) and SkyDrive (cloud storage). The article below will details how to use Windows Live Mesh to sync your SkyDrive (Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Service) files securely.

Free and Secure Mass Online File Syncing Between Two or More Computers

Earlier SkyDrive offers 5 GB free online storage space for users. Now it has been changed to 7 GB and for a limited time Microsoft is allowing users to upgrade it to 25 GB free storage. I’ve just upgraded my account from 7 GB to 25 GB. I’m sure it will fulfill my all cloud storage requirements.

How to Upgrade Existing SkyDrive Account to 25 GB Free

It is just simple. Go to your SkyDrive storage page. There you can see a message “SkyDrive’s free storage is changing – claim your free 25GB”. Click on it. On the next screen click the “Free Upgrade” Button and voila!

Upgrade to 25 GB Free SkyDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft has also introduced some awesome new features to SkyDrive. Now it comes to desktop in the form an app. Install the SkyDrive app on (in Windows 8 CP, it is pre installed) PC or Mac. By doing this now you can access your SkyDrive cloud storage files online/offline right from the desktop. Also the upload file size is increased to a maximum of 2GB.

New SkyDrive Download Link for Windows and Mac

SkyDrive for Windows (Preview)

SkyDrive for Mac

Source : Microsoft


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