Chrome Now Supports Tab Syncing

I am not sure tab syncing is the correct phrase to describe the new feature in Chrome. But Google announced a new feature to Google Chrome that enables Chrome users to access their open tabs in one device on another that also with tab’s back and forward navigation history. This Chrome Tab syncing feature is available in the latest Chrome Beta (19.0.1084.15 beta-m) version for both PC and Android. Google announced the same in a blog post today. This tab syncing feature will be available to the latest Chrome beta users in the coming days. I’ve just installed the latest Chrome Beta but could not find the feature on my New Tab page.

Tab Syncing in Latest Chrome Beta

How to Sync Tabs Across Your Devices on Google Chrome

  • Install the latest Chrome Beta on your PC.
  • Make sure that you have signed into Chrome.
  • Open a new tab page and find the option “Other Devices” on the bottom of the page (this feature will be available to Beta channel users in coming weeks). Click “Other Devices”.

That’s all. The tabs will be available on Chrome on all your devices including your Phone. Android users need to install the latest Chrome Beta for Android to access synced Chrome tabs.

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