Windows 8 Quick Navigation Tips

Microsoft has brought a design refurbish on Windows 8 and it is very appealing now. I have installed the free Windows 8 Consumer Preview few days back and now I am fully familiar with the new interface. Now I like Windows 8 better than Windows 7 but some apps for which I could not find any alternative on Windows 8 prevent me to permanently make a switch. Besides the IE 10 not functioning on my PC after first use.

Microsoft has taken a bold decision to remove the Start button, that ‘adorn’ Windows desktop for years. It may be to make Windows 8 suitable for touch friendly devices. The new Windows 8 desktop lacks the Start button and people are talking about restoring the Start button with third party apps on Windows 8. Is it really necessary?

Microsoft must have taken the decision to remove their traditional Start button after several rethought. In my opinion it is not necessary to bring back the Start button with third party apps. It is because you can access all your apps that you were accessing through the Start button by simply clicking on the bottom left corner of the screen from the Windows 8 desktop or any active application Window. It is almost the same place where the traditional Start button resides on other Windows versions. Also there are shortcut keys to do the same things quickly.

It is true that many Windows 8 users can’t resist their urge to bring back the Start button on Windows 8 because they feel something missing on their desktop. It is mainly because of their regular use of earlier versions of Windows where they daily make several clicks on the Start button.

If you are a beginner of Windows 8 below are some useful Windows 8 quick navigation tips.

Windows 8 Quick Navigation Tips

Windows 8 Charms Bar

Do you heard about Charms Bar? On Windows 8 move your mouse pointer to the top right corner. You can see the new Windows 8 Charms Bar with useful options. The options available on Charms Bar are Settings, Devices, Start, Share and Search. The quickest way to access Charms Bar is by using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key+C.

If you may have opened several apps on Windows 8 you may want to switch back to the previous app often. Point your mouse to the top left corner of the screen or use Windows Key + Tab Key.

You seriously missing the Start button on Windows 8 Desktop. Right? Click your mouse pointer on the bottom left corner of the screen to access all your installed programs/applications. Keyboard shortcut for this purpose is Windows Key. Click again or use the same keyboard shortcut again to come back to the desktop.


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