Sync Dolphin Bookmarks Between Mobile Browser and Google Chrome

Dolphin from Mobotap is one of the best free browser for Android and iOS. So most probably it may be your first choice on your smartphone. Now you can sync Dolphin bookmarks between mobile browser and Google Chrome. If you are using Google Chrome on your computer you can now sync your android or iOS device bookmarks with Chrome. I mean a Dolphin – Chrome Bookmark syncing is now possible with a free Google Chrome add-on from Dolphin.

Dolphin Bookmark

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Dolphin Bookmarks is now * available in the Chrome Web store for free. Download it from there on your Chrome Browser.

Tips to Sync Android / iPhone Browser Bookmarks (Dolphin) to Google Chrome

Here is the steps. Hope you have already installed the above said extension on Chrome. You can see a small Dolphin icon on the right side of your Chrome Browser’s Omni Bar (URL Bar). Click on it and sign in with your Google/Facebook/Dolphin Connect Account and Sync. Thanks to Dolphin Connect Cloud Service.

Seen an interesting video on your mobile browser that you may later want to watch on a big screen, bookmark it straightaway. Open your desktop Chrome browser and access it from there.

Update : Link Removed / Not Found in Chrome Web Store

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