Play Angry Birds Cherry Blossom on Your Computer for Free

Chrome optimized version of Angry Birds Cherry Blossom is now available. Install this app from the Chrome web store for free and play it on your Chrome web browser. Yep! You can now play the latest installment of a very popular video game, Angry Birds Cherry Blossom, on your computer for free. To play Angry Birds offline, click the “Install to Play Offline” button on the starting page of the app. If you have already installed Angry Birds app on Chrome and can’t find the Cherry Blossom seasonal update on it, just remove it and install a fresh copy. Other available Angry Birds episode on Chrome at present are Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, Danger Above, Chrome Dimension and Season’s Greedings. Some of the episodes required you to sign in to play. You can use your existing Google account for sign in purpose.

Cherry Blossom on Chrome

I have already shared the news about the availability of Angry Birds Cherry Blossom on Android and iOS app store. It is spring and Angry Birds Make a trip to Japan to enjoy the awesome Japanese Cherry Blossom festival. But there too they make fight for their stolen eggs. The fight still continues with the pigs. The background of the Cherry Blossom episode is rich with Pinkish Cherry Blossoms and the background music is really melting. Enjoyed the game? Then please share the news.

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