Now You Can Label or Star Messages Prior to Send in Gmail

Recently Google has introduced lots of design enhancements to Gmail along with its some other web applications. After the revamp Gmail became more smart. It is now clutter free and more organized and got an awesome look that you can further enhance if you customize it with any available HD background images within Gmail. After couple of weeks’ silence Gmail team has introduced yet another useful feature to Gmail. Gmail, your favorite free email service from Google, is now more organized. You can now label or star your messages prior to send on Gmail. This way you can easily follow up your sent mails later.

gmail latest feaure adds starring or labelling of messages prior to send capability

Recipients of your messages will not recognize that you have starred the message or labeled it. This feature will be very useful for those who are frequently sending emails using Gmail. Arrange the mails at the time of composing using relevant labels or starring them. For example, label your mails to your boss and your clients using different name. So you can well organize your sent mails and easily access them when needed.

Google has already rolled out this feature. To use this new labeling feature on Gmail, just sign in to your Gmail account, open Compose screen and assign labels or star your message from the Label drop down menu.

Hope you will share your views about this feature below.


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