Mozilla Released Firefox 11 Final for Windows, Mac and Linux

The non profit organization Mozilla who is behind one of the popular browser Firefox has just announced the release of final version of Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux. Now Firefox 11 Final is ready for download. A Windows 8 Metro UI compatible Firefox is also in the making and it is unclear now when the release will taken place.

firefox 11 final

One of the main feature in Firefox 11 final is the add-on sync across computers. On Chrome, I have experienced the virtue of similar add-on sync feature. When signed in to Chrome, it takes only few minutes to sync my add-ons on my one computer on another. Also I have tried Chrome browser on my same laptop on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (dual boot) on separate installation and the result was awesome. Add-on sync feature will be very useful when you are in similar case. No need to install your favorite add-ons again and again on Firefox on different computers whether it is at your office or home. Users can enable add-on sync feature in the Preferences window on the Sync tab.

Some of the other features of final version of the Firefox 11 includes new developer tools. Tilt is a powerful visual layout tool (WebGL-based) in Firefox 11. It is a page inspector tool in 3D view. The Style Editor tool in Firefox 11 enables developers to edit CSS stylesheets like a text editor and see changes instantly, entirely within the browser. Sounds interesting.

Link : Firefox 11 Final download

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