How to Remove Personal Info from Tiles [Windows 8 Quick Tip]

It is easy to remove personal information from the Windows 8 Tiles on the start screen. Windows 8 App tiles shows personal information. If you have already started using Windows 8 you may have noticed it. Your Video app on the start screen shows your last watched video information, Photo app the last opened photo and your music app shows your last listened music. Similarly if you use third party apps these apps will also shows your personal info on the start screen tiles. For example I am using Dictionary app, it shows the last checked words on the tile. The problem is when you have shared your computer the other person can get a lot of information about your app usage behavior. So if you think it is necessary to remove the personal info on tiles just follow the below tips.

You can quickly remove personal info from Tiles. To remove personal information just go to your Windows 8 Start screen (Windows key is the keyboard shortcut for this). From there, access the Charms Bar (Windows Key + C) and click Settings. Click on “Clear”. That is all you need to do.

Remove personal information on Windows 8

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