Fake Mailer : A Free Android App for Anonymous Mailing

Anonymous mailing that is all about Fake Mailer. Wish to send complete anonymous mails using your android phone? Try Fake Mailer a free Android Application. Fake Mailer is a free app for Android that you can use to send completely anonymous mails to your friends. The app is purely meant for fun activities. Don’t use this app to spam or involve in illegal activities by sending fake mails. The developer of Fake Mailer clearly mentioned it on the terms of service of the app as he knows that people may use it in the opposite way :).

Send Anonymous Mail on your Android

At present there are some limitations in the number of anonymous mails that you can send using Fake Mailer. It is limited to #3 / day at present and may be increased in future. So what is the use of keeping an app like this? April Fool’s day is fast approaching and it is just one week away. So surely you can make some pranks using this app. Yeap! A perfect app for making some fun on the April Fool’s Day.

Download : Fake Mailer | Source

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