Add Videos Stored on Your Computer to Windows 8 Metro Video App

Windows 8 CP comes with some metro apps pre installed. Among them Video is a preview edition released by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has provided all the flavors of Metro to this app. Video app allows you to buy, rent, and watch just released movies and TV shows in HD. It is quick and fluid. You can also add your favorite videos stored on your computer to this metro Video app. It gives you the comfort of selecting your videos quickly from the big thumbnails. If you are using a touch screen it will be fast and fluid to choose your favorite videos to play. But you can also use your mouse scroll bar and buttons for this purpose. It is a visual pleasure watching the tnumbnails of all of your added videos on the Video metro app. I like the Video metro app because I enjoy the Windows 8 multitasking feature. If your kid wants to enjoy a nursery rhyme you can play the same on one side of the screen without affecting your browsing on IE 10 (or working on any other app) on the other side.

Add Videos to Video Metro App

How to Arrange or Add Videos to Video Metro App in Windows 8

It is just simple to add videos to your Video metro app in Windows 8. Search and go to Windows Explorer from the Charms Bar. Keyboard shortcut for the same is Windows Key + C.

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Next step is to find the folder where you have stored your media files. Right click on the folder to access the context menu. Move your cursor over to “include in library” and click on “Videos”.

That is all. The very next time you open the video app, you can see all the videos in your selected folder available for your access there.

Hope this post will be useful for newbies.


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