10 Plus Best Free Designer Fonts

Recently I’ve spent a whole day looking for some best free designer fonts. You may ask why? I am not a designer or not doing any such sort of jobs. But I needed to make a Logo for my site, my own. First I have tried some free online logo making tools for this purpose. But I realized that none can satisfy me. So I decided to create a Logo for my site my own using my basic Photoshop skills. What I am lacking was some beautiful looking fonts for design purpose. I needed some attractive free fonts for this purpose. So I had searched on Google and found some truly awesome fonts. I am sure that there are also many other fonts available for free online. The below mentioned free fonts are the ones that caught my immediate attention. Try some of these cool free fonts for your design purpose.

There are 10+ fonts included here. Just click on the Font Name to go to the download page. I am sure that these fonts will satisfy you. So go ahead. Also comeback here and post your choice too.


Free Metropolis Font

Age Font

Age Font Free

Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans Free

Code Pro

CODE Pro Free

Wisdom Script

Wisdom Script Free


Free Infinity Font

FV Almelo

Free FV Almelo Font

2PM Hands Up Font

Free 2 PM Hands up Font

Ananda Neptouch Free Font

Free Ananda Neptouch Font

Typeface Adec

Free Typeface Adec Font

Gota Free Font

Free Gota Font

Aovel Cool Regular

Free Aovel Cool Font

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