Submit Website to Search Engines Baidu, Blekko and Yandex [How to]

Submit website to search engines means submitting your website or blog URL to search engine’s webmaster page. It may also involve submission of XML sitemaps. Website submission will enable search bots to crawl your site better and index your web pages accordingly. It is one important point in the point of view better SEO. Better indexation is the result of submission of your site to search engines. If you are a website or blog owner, I mean webmaster, I am sure that you may already know how you get majority of your site visitors. Most probably, the main source of visitors or traffic to your site is from search engines Google and Bing. If you are active on social networks like Facebook, Stumbleupon and Digg you may get visitors from these sites too.

My question is should we limit our dependence for better website traffic to these sources and sit idle?. In my opinion it will be a disaster in future. At some point of time in the future if the popularity of this search engines got diminishes or even banned in your country due to some unforeseen circumstances, you will lose all your visitors and dumped.

So spread your world by submitting to more search engines and hope for the best. There are some more popular search engines in the world other than Google and Bing. Country specific search engines like Baidu and Yandex are the popular name among them and enjoys supremacy in their respective countries China and Russia.

If you submit your site to these search engines too, you will get some more visitors in return. Not expect a lot of visitors for the time being. But of course over the time you can develop a different source for directing traffic to your site and little worry about Google farmer update that will ruin your entire blogging life in seconds. After all something is better than nothing.

First I am introducing you Baidu the Chinese search engine giant where Google couldn’t make inroads and eventually pulled out from the competition due to a Govt. ban.

How to Submit Website or Blog to

Baidu is the leading search engine in China where Google got a set back due to ban. So make your website’s presence there by depending Baidu to index your content for Chinese internet users, I mean Baidu searchers, all over the world. I don’t know at what extent it is going to benefit you. But I get some visitors from Baidu. Submitting your website URL on Baidu is a child’s play. Just visit the URL submission page below.

Here is the Baidu blog submission page

It is in Chinese language and don’t worry. Open the web page in Google Chrome and permit it to translate the page to English or any other language of your choice. Also you can refer the screenshot below. Enter your website URL and enter the captcha code. No more site verification process or XML sitemap submission is available there at present.

Submit Website to Baidu

How to Submit Website or Blog to

Blekko is a search engine that you can seamlessly use to get filtered search results. It ensurers spam free search results. At blekko the slash tags are the main feature. You can do normal searches on Blekko as well as filtered high quality searches using slash tags. For example if you want to search about security software products, use the slash tag /computer-security. Before detailing how to submit your website to blekko it is necessary to know about blekko slash tags.

About Blekko Slash Tags

For example if you want to search for Avira software do the searh as follows on blekko using slash tag /computer-security.

Avira /computer-security

There are lots of slash tags already available at blekko curated by experts. Check it our here. Click on any slash tag and you can see the sites added to that slash tag. When you perform a search using slash tag on blekko, it searches for the search term on the sites added to that slash tag and brings results accordingly.

See what blekko says about slash tags. “A slashtag is an easy-to-create custom search engine. It is a tool used to filter search results and helps you to search only high quality sites, without spam or content farms.” I think now you got the idea.

Submitting Blog to Blekko

First time you need to sign up with your Email Address on blekko. Check your inbox for a verification mail from blekko. Open it and verify it by clicking the link you have been provided.

Again on the blekko page click your username to edit profile and fill an online form similar to the one below with requisite details. Don’t forget to enter your site’s URL there.

Submit Website to Blekko

Steps to Create Slash Tags for Helping Your Readers to Search Across All Your Websites at One Place.

When you signed in, you can create slash tags on blekko. Find the create slash tag option and fill the form with details as below.

  • First name your slash tag.
  • Then Enter keywords from your websites.
  • Enter your site URL to search and perform a search.
  • Make tick mark against your site from the list. Don’t forget to make your slash tag public. Click create slash tag.

Submit Website to Blekko

You are ready. My blekko user name is techpackorg and I have created a public slash tag named techpack. Anyone can search my site on blekko with the slash tag /techpackorg/techpack. For example if you want to search my site for posts related to Angry Birds, do it like Angry Birds /techpackorg/techpack. That is all you need to do on blekko. Get some traffic and good back links.

How to Submit Website or Blog to

Just like Chinese search giant Baidu, Yandex is popular is Russia and it is the fifth largest search engine in the world. But unlike Baidu, Yandex compete with search engine giant Google in Russia and ahead Google there. So submitting your website to this search engine may bring you good traffic over time. Submitting your website to Yandex is somewhat complex compared to Baidu and Blekko. The page is in Russian so you may be need to translate the page in order to complete the submission. But don’t worry, carefully follow the below steps.

Steps to Submit Your Website to Yandex

First go to the Yandex Webmaster Page at It will be easy for you, if you will open the page on browser Google Chrome as the browser prompts you to translate the page.

Click the Green button “add your site” and click sign up.

Submit Website to Yandex

Now you are on registration page 1 of 2. Here enter name and surname. Yandex instantly suggests you user name. Select one and click the button there below.

Now you are on registration page 2 of 2. Here first you need to enter a password. On the next field confirm the same. Then create a secret question and on the next field answer to it. Alternative email address, mobile number and country fields follows. Fill the form in that order and enter the captcha and hit the button there below.

You are almost done. On the very next page you will get a greeting message with your Yandex email ID and personal information you have entered on Yandex. On the bottom of the page you can see a box that says ” Tell about yourself a little more” (first translate the page). Set your gender and DOB there and save.

On the very next page you can add your site to Yandex. The page will refresh and you will be provided with instructions to create a text file on a specified name and upload it to the root directory of your site. Create a blank text file with the name specified by Yandex and upload. Once the file uploaded hit the verify button on the bottom of the page. That is all.

Submit Website to Yandex

Don’t expect that it will double your website traffic soon. But it will surely benefit you in future in the form of better traffic and some good back links.


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    This tutorials helps to new people who are just started new blog or website. To get traffic all the side we must need to submit our website on different search engines as possible.

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    Useful information especially to submit to foreign language directories and search engines. I wish there were many more links to use. Thank you for your time to put this together.

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      Hi, welcome to Techpack. Submitting your site to search engines will not provide the desired result unless you have some quality articles with keywords optimized for search bots.

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    This seems like a lot of work for very little return. I don’t know but submitting your site to search engines that are for a different language seems like you wouldn’t get any targeted traffic because anyone who comes to your site would not speak English.

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    I cannot get past step two for Yandex. The captcha is in Russian letters, I selected a Russian keyboard and it does not work. There is one available at Yandex but not for the registrattion. Any suggestions?


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