Mozilla in Association with Ford Foundation Released Collusion Add-on for Firefox

Just now Mozilla released an amazing add-on for Firefox that jointly with the Ford Foundation named Collusion. It is an awesome add-on for Firefox in the point of view privacy of people who use Firefox as their browser. Collusion Add-on for Firefox can give users a clear picture of who’s tracking them online across the web that in real time. Collusion is an experimental add-on and lot more features are expecting with the future release.

Install Collusion. It takes only few minutes to install. After installation you can see a small button in the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser. Click on it will open a new tab where you can visualize who is tracking you in real time.

The collusion graph will tell you lots of story about the sites you have opened on your browser tabs like which sites are tracking your online activity and how. In the graph each dot mark represents a website. It will keep changing in real time depending on your browsing activity. Open a new webpage. You can instantly see the changes on the graph.

See the above screenshot. As already mentioned the dot marks represents websites. Sites in red are confirmed as trackers by Sites in grey are not trackers but can track you. You can also see a halo mark around some dots or websites. They are the sites you have visited and others are not. By hovering your mouse over the graph can provide you more details. But remember to click on the Site Info link (not on the screenshot) left.

Almost all sites tracks your log details like your IP address, browser used, on which part of the site you have visited, time of visit etc. This is to provide relevant content to visitors. If you go through the privacy policy of websites you can see the details there. So don’t get alarmed when you see the collusion graph. You can also see red marks around some of the connected sites you have visited. It may be some advertisers who is tracking you to provide ads of your taste.

Though it is a powerful add-on, I feel something missing. It is the opt-out feature of such tracking sites from the graph interface. The add-on is in experimental stage and still it is useful.

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