Bitdefender Launches a New Version of Quickscan Online Malware Scanner

The new version of Quickscan online malware scanner from Bitdefender, the creators of award winning security software products, is more quicker and smoother. Last year we have introduced some of the best online virus scanners to our readers. Bitdefeder’s Quickscan was on that list. You can read it here.

Why to use New Version of Quickscan online Malware Scanner

It is important to have a powerful internet security software installed on your PC. Online virus scanners are not an alternative to it. But even if you use a reputed security solution to protect your digital life, it is better to ensure that your system is not infected with a second scanning tool. It is because no antivirus or internet security solutions can offer 100% protection. So use of a second tool is a best idea for additional security. Also in case any virus infected your installed AV and disabled it, some times you can find it with online scanners and bring back your AV into action. Online virus scanners use in-the-cloud technology, so these type of scanners are always up-to-date and can detect latest threats.

New Version of Quickscan

What is Improved in Quickscan, the new free online scanner from Bitdefender

Quickscan got a new design and boasts of having more faster and smoother. It was already faster and taking less than 1 minute to scan and detects viruses that are active in your computer’s memory or present in files that are running at system start up. Now it is even more faster. It takes just few seconds to complete the entire scan. Bitdefender claims that Quickscan caught almost half million infections last year and the scanner was accessed by 2.9 million users.

“The security of users is our paramount concern, and we are proud that QuickScan is one of the fastest and most effective way to check whether your computer is infected. Just ask the millions of people who used it last year,” said Razvan Costache, QuickScan’s product marketing manager. “We’re confident that these changes will make QuickScan an even more popular tool in the fight against malware and other online threats.”

Also remember. When you first time run the new free online virus scanner, Quickscan, you may prompt to install Quickscan add-on on your browser. Add it. Next time you can click on it to auto start quick scan.

Link : Quicscan

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