Add-on Sync and SPDY Protocol Support in New Firefox 11 Beta

Add-on Sync is the one of the notable feature in this latest beta release of Firefox. Soon after the release of the final version of Firefox 10, Mozilla has made available yet another beta version of Firefox, i.e. Firefox 11 Beta 1. Just now Mozilla announced the release of new beta version of Firefox.

For those who wish to test the new features of Firefox, just try the latest beta version of Firefox 11 for Mac, Windows and Linux. Firefox 11 beta comes with some good features like add-on syncing, migration tool update and in the developer point of view style editor and SPDY support are some of the great improvement in Firefox 11. Let us take a look at what are the new features in Firefox 11 Beta.

Add-on Sync

Firefox 11 Beta Features

Firefox 11 beta now supports cross platform syncing of add-on. With this feature enabled (to enable syncing of add-on head to Preferences window on the Sync tab) users can sync their add-on across different computers. They can pick up where they left off on different computers.

Firefox migration tool is very useful for migrating your bookmarks, history, and cookies from other browsers. Earlier this feature only supported Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Now in Firefox 11 beta the support extends to Google Chrome too. When you first use Firefox, this feature helps you to migrate your whole Chrome settings to Firefox. This will be useful for those who wish to migrate from Chrome and hesitate just because of losing their log in credentials entered on web pages, bookmarks etc.

Firefox 11 Beta also includes some new features for web developers. SPDY Support, Style Editor, and Page Inspector 3D View are some of them.

SPDY : “Firefox 11 contains the first Firefox implementation of the SPDY protocol. SPDY is a secure web transport protocol that encapsulates HTTP/1 while replacing its aging connection management strategies. This results in more responsive page loads today and enables better scalability with the real time web of tomorrow.” If you want to know more about SPDY check it our here.

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