Google Input Tool for Chrome : Type in Your Own Language Anywhere on the Web

Google Input Tool is an Official Google Chrome extension. It enables you to easily enter texts in your own language or any other language you wish on anywhere on the web. With Google Input Tool for Chrome installed, you can answer to an email in Hindi or whatever language you wish. Similarly you can respond to Facebook chat, tweet on Twitter, or join  Google+ conversation etc. in your own language. The main advantage of this extension, Google Input Tool for chrome, is that from your Chrome toolbar you can turn on or off this feature with just one click and switch to any input language from there in a flash.

How to Set Up Google Input Tool for Chrome

First Install the Extension from Chrome Web Store. After installation of Google Input Tool, click on the extension icon Google Input Tool and choose Extension Options from the pop up menu. It is the only option available when you first use the extension. Google Input Tools’ extension options will be opened in a new tab page.

Double click on your preferred language to add it. It will add available language tools, i.e. keyboards or IMEs, to selected input tools. You can choose from virtual keyboards for over 70 languages, and full IMEs or direct transliteration for over 20 different scripts. After completing, close the new tab and you are ready to use the extension.

The main advantage of Google Input Tool for Chrome is that you can easily switch between different input languages. For example, if you are familiar with Hindi and Chinese and frequently use both of this languages to communicate just add both of it to Input Tool. So that, when you are on Facebook multiple chat mode, you can chat with your Hindi friend in Hindi and Chinese friend in Chinese instantly by switching the input language.

Google Input Tool for Chrome

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