Add Text to Photos on Google+ – New Feature

Add Text to Photos on Google+ without depending any additional tool. Yep! Google+ has got yet another unique feature. Google+ users will get the new feature add text to photos within few weeks. The new feature will enable them to add bold texts to their uploaded photos prior to sharing. Make your friends Rolling on the floor laughing ROFL by adding some funny texts on Photos. In an official Google+ post, Colin McMillen, Software Engineer at Google announced about the new feature.

Now how to add text to photos?

It is just simple. Upload photos to the share box. Then click on the Add Text link below the image. Refer screenshot below.

Google+ Add Text on Images

Google is rolling out the new feature in coming few weeks. So obviously Add Text to Photos feature is not yet available on my account too. Once it is available we can see more interesting streams on Google+.

It is evident that Google is putting hard efforts to make its new social network a number one venture. So far the future of Google+ is bright and who knows a day will come when Google+ become the #1 social network in the world surpassing Facebook.

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