How To Turn On or Off New Feature “Find My Face” in Google Plus

Find my face is the facial recognition feature Google rolling out to its social network Google+. In a Google+ post, Matt Steiner, Engineering lead on Google+, announced about the new facial recognition feature getting added to Google+. Fearing the privacy alarm of the users, Google opt to made available this feature as off by default. Users can decide whether to use this feature or not.

How to Turn On Find My Face Photo Recognition Feature on Google+

Visit your Google+ settings page HERE to turn on find my face feature. There under Photos make tick mark against Find my face in photos and prompt people I know to tag me.


  1. Click Profile icon on top of your Google+ page
  2. Then click photos tab
  3. Click Edit Profile button
  4. Check or uncheck Find my face in photos and prompt people I know to tag me.

enable find my face on google plus


What Happens When You Turn On Find My Face Feature

Once you turn on this feature, Google+ makes a model of your face from the tagged photos of you. Google+ later uses this model to identify you and suggests whenever you or someone else looks a photo you are in.

tage photos on google+

I prefer to turn off this feature. What is your choice?

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