Free Face Mask App for Windows Phone From Microsoft Research

Face Mask is a free app for Windows Phone from Microsoft Research. Windows Phone is not so popular in India and in many other countries compared to Android and iOS smartphones. It is the main reason we opt out of posting Windows Phone related apps in our blog earlier. Now we think that Nokia’s re-entry into smartphone market with devices running on Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone OS, Mango, will slowly become a game changer. Because Nokia is a trusted brand and their products may get good response from people in countries like India where Nokia has a good reputation and where the number of mobile phone users are high. Nokia has already get involved in the market with Windows Phone 7 running smartphones – Nokia Lumia series.

Face Map app for Windows Phone

Face Mask is a fun app that lets you add masks to photos in an easy way. That means with free Face Mask App you can instantly enhance photos you have just taken by adding cool effects (masks) through a shaking gesture or by a tap. Face Mask is best for you if you consider to hide someone’s face on a photo before sharing it on social networks Facebook, and Twitter and that also directly from Face Mask.

Download Face Mask for Windows Phone

Required : Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

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