Who Leads The Browser Bandwagon on Android Now

Dolphin, Opera Mini and Skyfire. Among these three browsers Dolphin Browser HD from Mobotap is the best choice of users. User reviews, downloads, ratings etc. clearly indicate what the current trend is.

Dolphin offers desktop like user experience on your mobile device. The rich add-ons (over 50 add-ons are available to enrich your browsing experience), tabbed browsing etc. like features similar to desktop browsers makes it a perfect choice of many.

Dolphin Gestures enables you to open your favorite websites with just one stroke. Webzine which displays web articles in an elegant format, multi language support, and bookmark folder are some of the other features Dolphin offers.

The video below doesn’t say much about the functionality of this great browser. But worth to watch.

Go through some of the user reviews :

Customer Reviews:
- “I just want to say thank you for the BEST DROID BROWSER and for it being free. I am so grateful to have this on my phone I will do anything to promote you guys or donate please keep me posted on future events.” [Théodore Bienvenue] Comments on Facebook
- “Anyone with an Android device should use @DolphinBrowser. Way better than Firefox, Opera, or any stock browser.” [Soulmech] Mentions on Twitter
- “Works like a dream, unlike the original browser. Love the custom touch commands SE X10.” [carl] Five star on Android Market

Dolphin Browser HD for superior browsing experience on Android

Another top class android browsers are Opera Mini and Skyfire that also shows steady progress and offers superior browsing experience.


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