Mass File and Folder Rename In Windows [How To]

I have large number of music files and image files stored on my computer. I have gathered music files from different sources like from my friends’ computers, USB Flash Drives of my colleagues, via internet downloads etc. and accumulated them on my Computer. Obviously the file names are messed up with weird characters as it comes from different sources.

On the other hand the image files are transferred from my digital camera, a Kodak EasyShare C913 which I received as a free gift along with my Laptop by paying a nominal amount, and from my mobile phone. I am also not satisfied with the image file names because both of my devises automatically assign file names of different pattern.

I never thought of renaming these files earlier due to the large volume and ultimately the process would be boring, and time eating. But today I found a free Windows utility called Advanced Renamer that I used to clean my file names in a flash. Now the image files are more organized and the MP3s got a new life.

This free utility offers batch rename that helped me to rename all my image files and music files in a better way and quickly.

Getting Started With Advanced Renamer (Batch Rename)

  • First download the utility from here for free and install.
  • After installation open the program and add files to rename by clicking Add (1).
  • Choose a Rename Method (2) and Click Start Batch (3).

Mass File Rename

Batch Rename of MP3s and JPG Files [Examples]

Though there are several options available for rename files using this Advanced Renamer, follow the below few steps to rename your MP3 or JPG files in a snap. The below tips are very useful for a beginner to get understand the way this free utility behaves. It is so simple.

Renaming of MP3 Files

The first part is simple. Click Add->Files (1) and add MP3 files from the location it stored on your computer.

Now look at your file names and decide what changes you want.

I will explain few.

If you want to paly around with lower case, upper case etc. with your file name click New Case (2). Make a tick mark against appropriate option there and click Start Batch (3).

If your file names only come with numbers or alphabets in ascending or descending orders or names not related to music files you can use following ID3 Tags to rename the MP3 file with Album name, Artist’s name, Genre, Title, Track, and Year. Click New Name (2) and paste any of the following ID3 Tag and Click Start Batch (3). For example <ID3 Album>.<Ext> will make your file name Your Album Name.MP3.

<ID3 Album>
<ID3 Artist>
<ID3 Genre>
<ID3 Title>
<ID3 Track>
<ID3 Year>

Renaming of JPG Files

Deal with lots of image files and confused over what name to be chosen. Here what I applied. I have renamed all my image files based on my device the photo taken. For the photos imported from my mobile phone, I renamed the files like Samsung 001, Samsung 002 etc. and for the files imported from my digital Camera I applied file name Kodak 001, Kodak 002 like wise.

It is very simple. Just add the files as stated above and click New Name and Paste Kodak <Inc Nr:1>.<Ext>. The file name will be Kodak 001.jpg, Kodak 002.jpg like wise. You can rename Kodak with any other name or remove it.

Done any mistake? Be cool. You can undo your rename with a single click.

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