Tips to Create Sections in New Tab Page on Google Chrome

Google has introduced a major visual improvisation to its trendy browser Chrome after a long time. When you open a new tab on Chrome (Chrome beta channel), now on you can see there three different sections on the page for your installed Apps, Bookmarks, and Most visited sites.

Section labels are also included at the bottom of the page. By clicking on them, you can easily flip between these different sections. Also there are arrows on left and right side of the page to do the same thing. Chrome beta channel users can view this new features and make use of it.

chrome revamped new tab section creation

By default, as I mentioned above, there are three different sections available on the new tab page – Apps, Bookmarks, and Most visited. If you wish you can split any of these sections to match your need.

For example suppose you have installed lots of apps from Chrome web store for different purposes like Games, News, Sports, Work etc., you can now categorize them under different sections.

To create a new app section simply drag the apps to the bottom of the page until a new blank label appears and drop the app on it. Now double click the blank label and give name of your choice. You can drag and drop apps between different app sections or create new sections.

To remove apps from the active section, just drag the app to the bottom of the page, until a trash can will appear and drop on it.

I personally think there are lots more improvements needed to make the new tab a perfect one. For example you can easily create new sections, name or rename it, move section apps or book marks between sections, re-arrange it. but what about deleting an unwanted section?

Delete Newly Created Sections In New Tab Page on Chrome

To delete an unwanted section first remove apps, if any, from that section. Then delete the section name. To delete a section name just double click on it and hit delete. Now open a new tab. See the section deleted.

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