Reduce Image File Size Keeping the Image Resolution Intact

If you want you can reduce the size of your photo very easily with the help of any of the photo editing software available on your computer and you may have doing it every now and then. But you may have noticed that the image quality is also being reduced significantly. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of image, you have to find an alternate way to reduce the file size.

Reducing image size has so many advantages like reducing the amount of storage space required, easy email attachment, etc.

JPEGmini is an online tool which you can depend up on to compress your image file size without losing the image resolution. JPEGmini boasts of having using the patent-pending photo compression technology to do the task.

See the table below for the file size reduction ratios achieved by JPEGmini for various photo resolutions.

JPEG Photo Resolution Typical JPEG File Size Reduction
8 MP and higher 70% – 80%
5 – 7 MP 60 – 75%
3 MP 50 – 60%
2 MP 30 – 50%
1024×768 25 – 35%
800×600 20 – 25%
640×480 10 – 20%

You can use this service for free of cost and even without sign in. You need to sign up to unveil more features like upload full albums, unlimited usage and share on Picasa and Flicker.

compress image size and don't loss quality

To get the maximum result, you need to use original, high quality and high resolution photos. You can compare the original image with a JPEGmini compressed image side by side, then zoom in and out  and ensure that the image quality is intact even after shredding some weight (KB) loss.

For more information read the product FAQ.


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