How to Get rid off Unwanted Facebook Apps

You may have installed several apps on Facebook over the years and may have given them authorisation to access your different data on Facebook. So if you are not using some of the apps and want to completely remove the apps from Facebook or only remove some authorization given to the apps, you can follow the below simple tips to do it.

Steps to Completely Remove Unwanted or Annoying Facebook Apps from Your Account

- Log in to Facebook

- Click Account button on top right of your landing page and select Privacy Settings.

Facebook privacy setting

- Click edit settings against Apps and Websites.

- Click the App you want to remove from the list.

- Remove the app entirely or remove some authorisations given to the app if available.

- Also you can see all of your Facebook apps immediately after the selected app.

- Click the ‘x’ mark against any of the app to directly remove it or

- Click the app to remove only some authorisation you have given.

remove authorization given to app

That’s all.

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