How to Enable New Facebook Feature Timeline Now

Video Calling, Chat Sidebar, Subscribe, Ticker, and now Timeline. Facebook brings a lot of new innovative features to it recently. Timeline is the latest and most interesting feature that arouse my curiosity after Skype video calling integration on Facebook.

Earlier today Facebook’s announcement came regarding the new Timeline feature but will only available after few more days. Wait…don’t get disappointed. I found a good solution on CNET to activate the Timeline on your Facebook account by simply following few steps.

If you are very much particular to try the new Timeline feature, follow the steps below. It is so easy.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Search for Developers and visit the Developer page.

facebook developers app

  • Enable it for your account.
  • Click Create New App.
  • Name your app and accept the terms. (no matter what name you prefer for both display name as well as app namespace)
  • Click Open Graph that you can see on the left hand side

Open Graph Setting

  • Now start by defining one action and one object for your app. Action and object names must be in English. Here also no matter what you enter as it will not be public. I put “people can watch a news” (note the words in bold letters, you can simply put it too) and submitted.
  • From the next page onwards you need not do anything except scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save changes and next.

Open Graph setting

  • Repeat the process on few more pages (I think I did it for 3 times) until you are taken back to the Dashboard for Open Graph.
  • Wait for few minutes and go back to Facebook homepage. You can see your timeline invitation there!
  • Click Get it now.

Timeline activated


  • You will be presented with a welcome note similar to the one below.

Welcome to Your Timeline – Developer Release

Your timeline currently features your top photos and posts. Right now, only you can see what’s here…..

That is all.

Note : Your Timeline is not yet public. If you wish to make it public instantly click Publish Now.

Source : CNET


    • Prashanth says

      This method is not necessary to follow now cz timeline is now activated by default on all accounts

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