Upload and Share Larger Files, i.e. file Size up to 1 GB, for Free

A normal internet user may mainly depend email services to send photos, scanned documents, resumes etc. to his contacts online. But when he wants to send large files, what he can do? Surely his email client will not allow him to upload and share larger files. Of course there are several alternative services online. But for a simple and instant share of larger files try UploaderBOX.

Uploaderbox is a free online tool that lets you upload and share files up to 1024 MB (1GB) for free and that with complete ease.

Upload and Share Larger Files

The Uploaderbox interface is very simple and that makes uploading and sharing of large files a child’s play. Just visit their web site and browse for your file(s) to be uploaded and click Upload. Optionally you can enter recipients email ID to send the download link to them automatically. After completion of file upload you will be provided with two links. One for sharing and the other for deletion. Remember one thing. The free UploaderBOX service doesn’t provide broken download resume service. They have one premium service offering this.

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