Set or Create Start up Password for Google Chrome Browser

This post is about creating start up password for Google Chrome browser using a Chrome add-on Simple Startup Password.

You can password protect your folders, individual files etc. on your computer to deny access from others to your world of privacy. So what about your browser. You open the door of your browser to any persons using your computer means your privacy is in danger! In the absence of a Master Password in Chrome, anyone to whom with you shared your computer, can access your account on different web pages where you saved login credentials and he can also easily know about your browsing behaviour, access bookmarks etc. To prevent this you can consider setup a start up password for your Chrome browser by installing a tiny extension.

Start up Password for Google Chrome

Follow the Below Simple Steps.

  • Install the extension Simple Startup Password from Here.
  • Then go to Wrench Menu ->Tools->Extensions. There you can see all your installed extensions including Simple Startup Password.
  • Under Simple Startup Password, click Options.
  • You will be asked to enter a Password. Create a password by typing on the given filed and Save. Be careful! You will not be asked to confirm your entered password.
  • Close and restart your browser. You will be asked for password. Once you enter the correct password, then only you can work or access anything on Chrome.

Hope you liked this article.

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