New Box – 5 GB Free Storage Chrome App from

Many reputed companies like Dell, Symantec, Virgin Mobile etc. benefit from’s secure cloud storage facility. recently released its Chrome web app that offers 5 GB free storage space (online) for users. Install free Box web app from here and set up your account and continue or alternatively use your Google OpenID to connect. Start creating folders and drag and drop files to it or Upload. Now you can access them from anywhere online: Android, desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, you name it also you can easily share any file with just a link or collaborate with teammates on a whole folder of files.

5 GB Free Storage

How to Create Folders on Box

To create folders click New from the start up page and choose Folder. Enter a folder name. You can choose whether to keep the folder private or invite people to upload, or download files to the folder as well as the access type.

Click Okay. Your folder is ready. Now you can drag and drop files to it or create web documents  including Google Spreadsheets by clicking New button and then by choosing appropriate option.

Note : The free personal account has a file size limit of 25 MB. Please note that you can fill your 5 gigabytes of space with as many files as will fit, but no one file may exceed 25 MB.

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