Google Plus Public Posts Now Appear on Google Search Results

Google search got a new addition. Google Plus public posts are now appearing on Google. Google search begin to include publicly shared posts of people you’re connected on Google+. But it will only appear if you’re signed into your Google account prior to make a search on Google.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say I’m logged into my Google Account, and I search on Google for [uncle zhou queens]. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this restaurant, and we’re visiting NYC soon, so we want to figure out all the best eats in town. I also happen to have Andrew Hyatt in one of my Google+ circles. Oh, and it turns out he just made a public post on his Google+ account about Uncle Zhou in Queens:

Google Plus Public Posts

So here’s how that will show up on my results page for the query [uncle zhou queens]:

Google Plus Public Posts

I have happen to see this feature in action few days back. But the official announcement came from Google only on Friday. [Via]


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