Customize Facebook Login Screen Look with FB Refresh

If you use any particular web site frequently where you need to enter your login credentials, there is no exception whether it is Google, Facebook or Twitter, you may get bored with the default login screen. Familiarity breeds contempt, right?

Facebook is the most widely used social network at present and the user base counts to more than 750 million. Hopes you are one among them.

Facebook does not provide any option to change the default login screen or customize it. So if you feel bored with the Facebook login screen look, because you visit the site frequently, you can change it by placing a background image as wallpaper on Google Chrome with the help of a third party app called FB Refresh.

How to Change the Default Login Screen View of Facebook on Chrome

Install the chrome web app from Here.

After that whenever you are on Facebook login page you can see a FB Refresh default custom background as shown below.

facebook login screen changer

FB Refresh lets you change the background image. To place your own background image click on a small button that is visible just above the Facebook Log In. Alternatively you can access it via clicking Chrome Wrench Menu->Tools->Extensions. There under FB Refresh click Options.

fb refresh options to change fb loing image

FB Refresh has no option to add images directly from your computer hard disk. You need to enter image URL to change the default background. You can search and find some quality images on web that do not violate copy right rules or host your own image at any free hosting services like imgur.

google+ theme on facebook login

Hope FB Refresh will comes up with their own more themes in future to make users to change the background often and easily and that makes it more fun.

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