Free TDL 4 Removal Tool Download

BitDefender is one of the leading internationally certified internet security software creator and their products are securing the digital life of tens of millions of home and corporate users across the globe. Hours back BitDefender released a Free removal tool for a root kit based e-threat called TDL 4.

TDL 4 is one of the most advanced rootkit on the market which has been around since 2008 and suffered four major upgrades.

This rootkit is encrypted using custom algorithms, and will stay absolutely hidden on the system after it has successfully infected your system. So chances are that your antiviruses will fail to accurately identify it. It spreads through pornography websites, as well as through illegal file sharing repositories, where it is disguised as cracks or codecs.

bitdefender TDL4 removal tool

Once run, TDL4 infects the Master Boot Record (MBR), which allows it to load its code before Windows starts up. This approach allows the rootkit to intercept critical system functions. The rootkit can infect both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, which makes it particularly more dangerous than other pieces of malware based in accompanied by drivers.

You can download this free removal tool from BitDefender for different flavours of Windows by following the below links.

Download the 32-bit version of the tool

Download the 64-bit version of the tool

If you are using any of BitDefender security solutions you can opt out of downloading this tool, as you may already protected against TDL 4 [ Source ]

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