Export Facebook Friends or Contacts to Google+ (Google Plus) [How to]

There is no option in Facebook to taken out your friends’ email address from it. I am sure that many of you have already started using Google+ and searching for a solution to add your Facebook friends to Google Circles.

Here is a working tip to export (it is not export really) your Facebook contacts or friends to Google+ within minutes. The step involves your Facebook, Google & Yahoo! accounts. If you don’t have a Yahoo! account create one from yahoo.com.

Here is the steps involved.

a) Import your Facebook address book to your Yahoo! mail account

Go to address.yahoo.com, that’s yahoo’s contact import landing page, and sign in with your credentials. You can see Facebook icon there. Click on it will open a popup window, where you need to enter your Facebook log in credentials, if already not signed in to Facebook, to began downloading your entire Facebook address book. It takes only few seconds.

impot facebook contacts to yahoo

b) Export Facebook Address book from Yahoo! as a CSV file

Go to Here and click Export Now button against Yahoo! CSV and once entered the verification code given there, click Export Now. Your CSV file with all your Facebook contacts will be created instantly.

c) Finally import this CSV file to Gmail Contact

Sign in to your Gmail account. Click Contacts, which you can find above COMPOSE MAIL. Click the More actions tab and from the drop down menu click Import.

import facebook address csv file to gmail

Done! Now go to your Google Plus Circles and click on Find and invite. You can see your Facebook address book contacts added there.

As a side note : There is an option in Google+ Circles to directly import your contacts from Yahoo! mail. It seems, at present, not working. (via : labnol)

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