Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench – Infographic About our Amazing Planet

Karl Tate over at OurAmazingPlanet has created a beautiful graphic with rich of information about our living planet’s highest heights and the deepest depths. It features from Mariana Trench (10,916 m), the deepest recorded ocean depth to world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest (8,848 m).

Click the thumbnail view of the graphic on right to see the infographic in full size from the source. Below are the list of places (link) Karl Tate mentioned in the infographic. Click them to see it yourself.

- Mount Everesttallest-deepest

- K2

- Aconcagua

- Mount McKinley

- Kilimanjaro

- Mount Elbrus

- Vinson Massif

- Puncak Jaya

- Lhasa

- South Pole

- Denver, Colorado

- Burj Khalifa

- CN Tower

- Empire State Building

- Great Pyramid of Giza

- Statue of Liberty

- Deepwater Horizon oil rig

- Grand Canyon

- Wreck of the RMS Titanic

- Puerto Rico Trench

- Mariana Trench

Don’t forget to view the full image by clicking the thumbnail view. It is really awesome and informative.

Via : Google Earth Blog

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