Min.us – Easy Drag and Drop File Sharing / Publishing (Free)

minus easy file sharingMin.us believes in simplicity and minimalism and uses the latest Cloud computing technologies to offer instant file sharing for free. Minus, deployed on Amazon’s EC2 and S3 Cloud storage, lets  you easily publish photos, documents, music and files you wish to share onto your Minus. Just drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your browser to start sharing.

Just sign up with a username and your email address. No need to even verify your email address. It is that simple to start using Min.us. (Even sign up is not necessary!)

How to share/publish files on Min.us?

Just drag and drop files onto Minus to create a new gallery. While the uploading is going on you can add another file and so on. The maximum file size allowed is 25 MB and you can upload a maximum of 50 items per gallery (at present).

Once the upload process is completed you can start share or publish the file (s). You can see on right bottom side of Min.us, tabs with HOME, USERNAME, MINE, SIGN IN/OUT options.

Min.us tab gallery

Find all galleries under MINE. You can publish it to your profile page (USER NAME), or share URL. (certainly some other options are also available under MINE).

Click Share to see against any gallery to preview it and unfold different sharing options.

Under each individual items;

Sharing Options under gallery items

Also you can see a gallery sharing option on top right side of the page.

Minus gallery share

Check out this sample gallery created by me at http://min.us/mvbEb1D.

All file types are allowed on Minus for publishing and sharing. Supports, viewing of all images, PDF preview, MP3 music player,  & Text Reader in galleries. Support for Microsoft documents and videos coming soon.

Read Minus FAQ for more details. Check this page for browser, desktop, Android apps [Via]

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