A Firefox Add-on that Lets You Keep up with Twitter

Echofon for Firefox is an add-on for Firefox that lets you keep up with Twitter while you browse. Echofon offers several features and resides in the Firefox status bar. You can see a tiny grey icon on the status bar. It notifies you when friends post tweets and it is the easiest way to post links as you browse.

Let us see some of the awesome features Echofon brings to Firefox.

1. Type @username in to the Firefox awesome bar to open the user’s timeline at twitter.com.

@username in awesome bar

2. If you wish you can see the original URL instead of the shortened one buy just hovering your mouse on a hyperlink in a tweet.

Once installed you can try it by just clicking the Grey button echofon grey buttonand open the Echofon for Firefox window and hover your mouse over any shortened hyperlink.

Hower to see original link

3. Right click (control+click on a Mac) the tweet to re-tweet option.

4. Keyboard shortcuts

echofon keyboard shortcuts

5. Unread Syncing & iPhone Push

If you like you can add this add-on to your Firefox from here. Also don’t forget to read our earlier article regarding slow performing Firefox add-on.

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