Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 Released (for Feature Phones and Smart Phones Respectively)

Opera Mini 6, of which the browser engine is running on Opera’s servers, uses Opera’s patented data compression technology to compress web pages up to 90% before sending to the mobile device and is suitable for feature phones that support J2ME apps and available for different platforms except Apple’s iOS devices (coming soon)

While Opera Mobile 11 is developed for smartphone’s running on Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian S60. Just like its desktop version, Opera Mobile 11 uses the Presto layout engine and is ready to smoothly function with the HTML5 based web pages and web apps.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini 6 now brings a fresh new look and a lot of features like share on social sites while browsing, open links in background by utilizing the power of tabs, improves zoom for touch screens, improved speed etc.

Opera Mobile 11 now offers a bunch of new features / improvisations like new UI optimized for tablets, panning & zooming improvement, session restore, buttons for jumping to the top/bottom of the page, improved Geo-location support, browser engine improvement like JIT for greatly improved Javascript performance, HTML5 Audio/Video etc.

Opera is also making available builds of Opera Mobile 11 for Maemo, MeeGo and Windows on labs.opera.com. The MeeGo and Windows builds come with Opera’s new tablet optimized UI.

Download : To download Opera Mini 6 visit http://m.opera.com/ on your phone or http://www.opera.com/mobile/download/pc/ on your PC. Android users can download Opera Mini 6 for free from the Android Market. Opera 11 is also available for download in the Android Market or from m.opera.com.

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