Launch Your Favorite App Instantly With Plug In Launcher on Android

Plug In Launcher, a free app for Android devices, enables you to simply launch any apps of your choice when connecting the Power/USB Cable and/or Headphone Cable to your device. Install Plug In Launcher on your Android Phone and specify which apps to be launched when either of the said cables are connected. If you specify your music app, Plug In Launcher works in the background and when you connect your headphone to the device it launches your music app.

Few Examples of How Plug In Launcher Can Utilized.

During your travel, or out on a run you can quickly launch your music app on Android and listen to music with just connecting your headphone.

Exhausted due the the heavy workload and going to bead? You may want the alarm clock to be launched. Just plug in for charging. The alarm clock will be automatically launched.

Like any apps you can launch. It is one of my favorite app in the Android Market.

Plug in Launcher

If you like you can download Plug In Launcher for free form the Android Market.

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