Avira Released DE-Cleaner, A New Standalone Malware Scanner

DE-Cleaner is a new standalone malware scanner from Avira GmbH published with the support of Anti-Botnet-Advisory Centre, a service from eco – Association of the German Internet Industry backed by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

It is not required to install Avira De-Cleaner to analyze a PC for malware infection as it is a standalone tool, that means no registry keys or drivers get installed. You should take care of the following things before proceed.

  1. Deep scanning for rootkits is only possible with an Avira product already installed on the computer as the drivers will then be used from the installation.
  2. Right now the UI is in German only

Anyhow, for those who find it difficult to follow German, below tips may be useful. I have translated only the necessary words, from German to English, that you may be required to use De-Cleaner.


To start with, visit the download page here and agree to the data privacy notice there to start download a small executable file “Avira-De-Cleaner.exe”.

Double click “Avira-De-Cleaner.exe” to start download the necessary files required for scan. The window will look like as seen below.

You may get bewildered at some points without knowing the meaning of certain German words which are translated below.

Akzeptieren – Accept, USB-Gerät kopieren – Copy the software to USB Device (Offline use), Vollständige Systemprüfung durchführen – Full system check, Suchlauf starten – Start search/scan, Abbrechen – Stop/Abort, Alle entfernen – Remove all (infection), Details ansehen – Watch / View Details.

Further you can use Google translate or any other translate service to translate any words you may found confusing.

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