Translate Text From Web Pages, Emails, Office Documents, Messengers Just By Selecting

Translating web pages or texts copied from office apps, electronic mails etc. can be done using Google Translate, a very popular online service from Google (Mobile version of this app is also available). But if you want to translate text from web pages directly, you can depend Translate Client.

Then what makes Translate Client Standout?

Translate Client enables you to translate texts from within the page using Google translate services. Whether you are preparing or reading memo in MS Word, creating Blog posts using Widows Live Writer or reading any web pages etc., doesn’t matter!

No need to open any translation web sites or buy any expensive program. Install Translate Client for Google Translate. It is light weight, simple to use and time saving. Moreover Translate Client available for free of cost. But remember one thing. It uses Google translate services, so you need to connect to internet in order to use this service.

How to Translate using this free translator

In a web browser just select text that you want to translate and click popup G-icon.

To get translation in any other applications switch to application window and click on G-icon in a taskbar: orange icon – Client enabled.

You can make changes to the translate behaviour, language settings etc. Right click on the taskbar G-icon to find these settings.

Translate Text From Web Pages

Features at a glance

  1. Immediate translation of the selected text
  2. More than 50 languages
  3. Automatic language detection
  4. Wikipedia Search
  5. Support free XDXF dictionaries
  6. Translation and replacing selected text with Hot Keys
  7. Automatic checking for updates and news

Download Translate Client from Home Page

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7, Requirements: Internet connection, License: Freeware (Paid upgrade available) , File Size: 2.37 MB

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