Microsoft Office One Note App for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

I have been using Microsoft Office One Note Application on my PC to take screenshot, grab text from images etc. ever since I’ve started blogging. The desktop version of One Note is not a mere note taking app. But I think many did not even know they have installed One Note on their system along with Microsoft Office. One Note is a very useful application that did not get much user notice or appreciation that it really deserves. However Microsoft released the iOS app of One Note and it is free.

Microsoft One Note Mobile is a free note-taking application compatible with Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. This free app enables you to create flexible notes that can include text, pictures, bullets, checkboxes and view whenever you need them. You can Sync your notes with free Windows Live online storage and access them from virtually anywhere using your phone, PC, or almost any web browser.

Microsoft Office One Note

A free Windows Live ID is required to use OneNote Mobile —use an existing one or let OneNote Mobile help you sign up.

Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch must have iOS 4.3 or higher


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