A Free Complete Internet Security Suite from Agnitum

There are lots of free internet security suits or AVs available in the market. Avira, Avast and AVG are the names of some of the most popular security suits available in the market for free. But in order to get the full features of these products, you have no other option other than switch to the paid version of these products. What we lack was a free complete internet security suite for our PC.

Outpost from Agnitum is one of the free complete internet security suite available in the market. Though it has a pro version, its free version is fully functional. It comes with OS proactive protection level, has personal firewall and offers Anti-spam protection.

Agnitum is the first security vendor to deliver a fully functional free version of an Internet security suite for Windows users. Agnitum’s Outpost Security Suite has been among the top antivirus software to receive consecutive VB100 certifications (under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008).

If you are not satisfied with your current free AV try this complete internet security Suite. Please do share your experience with Outpost below. So our other readers will benefit from it.

Free Complete Internet Security Suite

Outpost Security Suite offers:

Free anti-virus, Free firewall, Free anti-spam, Free proactive protection, Free update services, Lightweight protection, Free cloud computing services, Solution from Internet security experts, Technology honoured with 40+ awards.

System & hardware requirements

32- and 64-bit Windows 7, Vista, XP | 450 MHz CPU (x86-/x64-/multi-core) | 256 MB RAM, 200 MB free disk space.

Try it.

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